New Betfair Horse Racing Software for in-play Trading

This video shows Auto back and lay stategies being used with less than the minimum Betfair stakes.The bets take longer to get matched but it is still a good way to test out strategies with different time triggers etc.

Auto Strategies

1.AUTO BACK BET. The bot waits until the time trigger that you have selected,it then monitors the race and waits until there are only 5 horses with decimal odds under 20.0 in the win market(3 horses under 20.0 if there are onlt 2 winning places),it then places a back bet in the place market on the in-play favorite.Auto green up/hedge out option. 2.AUTO LAY BET. The bot waits until the time trigger set by you is reached.It will discount the first 6 in-play33favorites,it will then look at the amount of money on the back and lay side of the remaining horses.It will then put a lay bet on the remaining horses,either a straight bet or maximum liability stake.You can select to auto lay the win market,place market,or both.Auto green up/hedge out option. 3.AUTO DUTCH BET. The bot waits until the time trigger set by you is reached,it will then put back bets on whetever number of horses you have selected e.g. if you selected 3 horses ,the bot puts back bets on the first 3 in-play favorites.Each horse is backed with a different size stake depending on the horses odds,so that you win the same amount no matter which of the horses selected wins.Auto hedge option. 4.AUTO BACKING THE WIN MARK FAVOTITE(IN-PLAY). Auto Backing the Win market favorite (In-play)In this strategy BetterBottrader will place an automatic back bet on the Win market favorite at the instance, when the market turns to in-play. Afterplacing the Back bet, BetterBottrader will continuously monitor the market and then will do greening /hedging as per the configuration set by the user. 5.WHOLE MARKET GREENING. This is a special feature provided in BetterBottrader to facilitate users to green/hedge the whole market at once. BetterBottrader can be configuredso that it can do the "Whole market greening" automatically for you. Otherwise you can simply green/hedge the whole market just by pressing a button.Expected profit will be shown to you, so that you can decide when to press the button, in case you want to green up/hedge out manually.Included is a strategy to select a horse likely to "green-up".

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